Garden Manager Software
Version 4.01 for Windows
The only software for Square Foot Gardening!

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"Your program is the answer to my prayers! The screen shots were excellent and the features are exactly what I was looking for, and found lacking in the (many) other garden software programs that I have tried!!!" -MD from California

"It's a nice program...I ran it on a PC and it looks ideal. So valuable to be able to keep this kind of record, it can reveal so much more than paper notes." -K.A. from Hong Kong

"It is quite the program. I downloaded it the other night and loaded it tonight. It was easy, even for someone like me who gets everything mixed up. The program is easy to use and I like the 5 areas it has. It would be a nice program for my students at school..." -JW from Florida

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Garden Manager Version 4.01
Spend more time enjoying your garden with these five essential features of Garden Manager:
  • A calendar to organize your tasks: both indoors and outdoors
  • A layout manager to keep track of what is planted where: in up to 20 customizable garden blocks, shapes from 1'x1' up to 5'x15'
  • A crop information database: to keep track of crop characteristics and your personal notes on each
  • A seed sorter: to organize up to 68 different seeds, in four categories
  • A shopping list: to keep track of up to 28 things to buy, in four categories

Why Try Garden Manager?

  • Satisfaction guaranteed! You like it or get your money back!
  • The only software specifically for square foot gardening
  • Layout any size garden block from the standard 4x4 down to 1'x1' and up to 5'x15'
  • Eliminate the paper clutter and spreadsheets. Keep track of all your garden info in one place
  • Receive free upgrades to future versions
  • Spend less time at your desk and more time enjoying your garden!
  • Access a database of existing crop information

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