Garden Manager Software
Version 4.01
The only software specifically for Square Foot Gardening!

Screenshots from Garden Manager 4.01 Professional Version

The main window from which you can launch the five main areas of Garden Manager.

The vegetable info interface, similar to the back of the square foot gardening book, but you can create a new file for every flower and vegetable you use. Note the garden notebook section for keeping track of your successes and failures!

The layout manager supports up to 20 blocks of user-definable sizes from 1x1 up to 5x15! (Not just 4x4 standard size blocks.)

Using this menu you can define the size, shape, and name of up to 20 gardening blocks.

The Seed Sorter helps you keep track of what's in all those plastic bags or jars in the fridge.

The Shopping List is for keeping track of what you need to buy for the garden.

In this monthly calendar window, the square with the red date is 'today'. Dates where daily chores are scheduled will appear with a blue background.

In this daily calendar window you can enter what to plant when and where (as well as other chores) for that day.

Please feel free to send an email with any questions or suggestions!

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